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The Biophysics Rationale of FEAT

Our continuing goal of biophysics research is to explore & develop the natural healing techniques.


* The  Molecular Biology Fundation of FEAT

The living body from the top organism down to the fundamental components is classified as organ system, organs, tissues, cells, organelle, macromolecules, molecules, and atoms. Each atom has protons, electrons, and neurons. The four basic elements from the 98 naturally existing elements in the periodic table, C, H, O, N, are components of major molecules inside the human body.

Level of Organization

* The EM Field of the Human Body:

Every moving charged particle has an electromagnetic (EM) field around it, represented as light emission, or heat emission, besides that, rotation or vibration of each atom inside the molecule also generate the electromagnetic filed.

* The Typical Protein Structure:

* The Rotation and Translation of Amino Acids Chain

* The Eigenfrequency (Signature Frequency) of the Molecule

* The EM spectrum of the Molecule

* The EM field interaction of the Living Organism

* The Interference of Living Matrix

* The Constructive and Distructive Interference of EM Field

* The Impact of EM field on DNA: "Every biochemical reaction is preceded by an electromagnetic signal."

* Entrainment in Vibrating System

* Entrainment in Living Organism

* The  Biophysics Mechanism of FEAT

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Chiropractors believe the spine is very important to our health because the spine works as a bridge between the brain and the body. Any trauma or stress causes vertebra misalignment which we call subluxation will interfere with the communication between the body and brain, and then interrupt our body’s normal function. Then we may have pain or internal organ dysfunction. Chiropractic adjustment can remove subluxation, restore the normal function of the spine, then let the whole body function normally.
Traditional Chinese Medicine believes as long as our bodies are alive, there is energy circulation throughout the entire body, this energy channel is called meridian. When any of the energy channels get blocked, the body will get sick or have pain. Acupuncture can remove energy blockage regulating the energy balance as well as he body’s meridian system, therefore eliminating the illness and relieve pain.
FEAT (Functional Entrainment Application Techniques) is a revolutionary technique which combined chiropractic, acupuncture meridian theory, applied kinesiology and quantum medicine. The theory is based on molecular biology, biophysics, and utilize the frequency of a substance to entrain the mal-function of the human body to normal function. The treatment procedure is completely natural, painless, and non-invasive. This method can be used safely on anyone, from infants to the elderly. After the treatment, a strong MRT indicates that the function has been instantly restored.
While combining Chiropractic adjustment, Acupuncture and FEAT to render the most natural healing remedies for thousands of patients, our goal is to help our patients get rid of the symptoms, and more importantly the cause of the health issues, once health obtained, it is vital to maintain health; preventive care and maintenance care will improve the quality of life, and help us live longer, healthier and happier.

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