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Why Patients See Us?


Whenever patients seeking a natural helaing doctor, they came to visit our clinic either by referrals or by reading my articles or by searching the websites. Whenever the patients could not get the help for their conditions by visiting their primary care physician or by the specialist, or whenever patients did not want to accept the surgery, they came to visit our clinic, watch the video to see what the patients say about us, and read the extractions see how patients benifited from the treatments.

Bell's Palsy

First of all, I would like to begin by thanking you for helping me with my Bell’s palsy. It started one day when I awoke and notice I couldn’t move the left side of my face. Had no feeling on that side, not able to blink my left eye, not able to have a full smile, and didn’t have the sense of taste on that side. I did not know what to do, and ask a friend if she knows what to do, being that she was in the health profession. She recommended that I should go out and seeks your service, since you have previous experience with other patients and had also cured them of this disease. I came to your office, you explain the information to me, and I become confident of your knowledge and expertise, and began treatment that day, After several more treatments, I’m able to once again control the left side of my face and start out the day with a full smile again. Many thank you.

Yours truly T. L.

Back Pain, Leg Pain

I am a software engineer and we lived in Minnesota before moving to Dallas area the end of last year. After several years of intense work and long commute, I developed hip/leg pain with some lower back pain when sitting. The MRI resulted show negative. Earlier this year, the pain becomes worse. My Internal medicine doctor asked me to go to an orthopedic doctor and the orthopedic doctor asked me to go to a physical therapist. After a month and half physical therapy, there was mo significant improvement. So the doctor suggested me to do joint injection. He said I would feel much better after the injection and assured me that there would not be any side effects. But after the injection, I developed severe lower back pain and it was constant. I felt pain right after I woke up every morning and still I went to sleep. In the scheduled appointment with the doctor a week after the injection, he said there wasn’t anything he could do and just send me back to the physical therapist. I was so mad at him but damage was already done. I went back to physical therapist several more times and no improvement at all. I lived in agony for a month and half. Then my husband showed me an article by Dr. Lu in the newspaper on treating patients with herniated disc. I went to Dr. Lu’s office and he started treating me. After the first treatment, I already felt better in my lower back! Now after five treatments, the severe back pain caused by the joint injection is almost gone and Dr. Lu is continuing to treat my old pain because of sitting. I’m so thankful to Dr. Lu and highly recommended him to anyone having pain.

---M. Z.

 Foot Pain

For many years I have suffered with several foot pains in my left heel. I have been treated for over four years by well known Dallas area podiatrists and orthopedic surgeons with no success. A friend suggested that I try a chiropractor-acupuncturist to see if I could achieve any relief from the constant pain. I was skeptical at first but decide I would find the best doctor who had studied Chinese acupuncture; so I was led to you.

I cannot believe it! It is the first time in years that my foot pain is minimal and decreasing with every treatment. I wish I had found you much sooner. I will always be in your fan club and will highly recommend your service as an excellent doctor to everyone I know. I am so thankful to you for the difference your treatments have made in my life. I can do my job so much easier and still be pain free when I end my workday. I even have the energy to exercise again.

Thank you again, as I continue to improve.

Your very devoted patient,

C. June

Lumbar Disk Herniation 1

I came to Dr. Lu with back pain so acute that I could not sit or lie or stand for long. MRI showed three bulging disks, dehydrated disks. Sacrum-iliac cartilage injury was also suspected due to the nature of the accident. I had been on high doses of cortisone and often paralysis. The diagnosis was “sciatica”

After the first week of treatment the pain was reduced and only occurred when I sat or lay down wrong. As six weeks went by I became completely pain free, after 2 month, I recovered almost full motion in the left leg----although the left sciatic nerve root had been the problem.

A result of almost 16 acupuncture treatments in total and of doing exercise suggested by Dr. Lu, I recovered the ability to function normally. My emotional outlook and balance also improved.


Upon moving my household recently, I damaged my back. My family doctor suggested lower back surgery, to repair two damaged lumbar disc. I got an appointment at Dr. Lu’s practice and discussed the issue with him; he immediately diagnosed the problem as a severely damaged lumber disc. After a MRI, we discovered the one disc was herniated, and another was compressed. This issue caused severe pain in my leg, due to a medical issue known as Sciatica.

Dr. Lu stated he could repair the condition without surgery, which it would take two months and after that I would be back healthy again. I did not want a surgery, so I elected to give Dr. Lu the chance to repair my back problem with acupuncture and chiropractic treatments. The first two weeks progress and pain relief was slow coming. After the third week of treatment we started to see a little progress, and it got better in larger steps after that. I am almost 100% healed now and I would recommend Dr. Lu to anyone that has back issues that can be healed and treated without surgery. He is a very good doctor, and takes a genuine interest in the patient’s well being and recovery.


Neck, Shoulder Pain

First of all I would like to express how blessed I feel that I have found Dr. Lu and he is my doctor.

I am a young person and after I had my son in 1999, I started having pain in my back especially in my neck and shoulders. Gradually pain got worse until my daughter’s birth in 2002 that I decided to look for further treatments. In 2002 I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease in my neck and the pain was getting worse to the point that I spend months in bed. I have tried to seek treatment and completed two course of psychical therapy, massage and finally I had the cortisone injection into my spine which made me feel even worse with many side effects. I was feeling very ill and depressed due to my inability to function to my everyday life, even hanging with my kids was painful.

I had a pinched nerve between the 5th - 6th vertebras due to the degenerative disease.

This is when Dr. Lu came in to my life and works his miracles. Dr. Lu with combination of his treatments was able to take away my pain that was related to my pinched nerve but also treat me for a lot of allergies, I have been allergic for many years (which I have taken allergic shots for 4 years but did not really help) and Dr. Lu was able to treat me and take away many headaches that I used to have. I’m not depressed any more , I don’t have to deal with pain anymore because I have Dr. Lu. I feel so much healthier and happier. I can have fun with my kids, I maintain a very demanding full time position and I can say that I now live a very but fulfilling life. THANKS Dr. Lu.

--- AW


Thank you very much for your treatment to my TMJ problem. I feel much better now. You not only gave me excellent treatment, like electrical acupuncture, massage and etc., but also help me recognize how this problem formulated. You help me understand that there are many situations, which could contribute to this sickness. One of the major situation is psychological one- bad spiritual mood, anxiety, anger and etc. I recall that since I had this problem, I always had bad temper. My husband and I always quarrel with each other over small issues. Then you suggested that both my husband and I come together for a treatment to improve our relationship. At first I did not believe it, but just agree to give it a try. After only two treatments, both my husband and I feel that it really worked. Now I have a good mood and feel happy every day. I am really glad that I have visited Dr. Lu. Thank you very much.


Weight Loss, Psoriasis

I am a mother of two children 5 and 12. After my second child was born, I was unable to lose the extra pounds especially on my abdomen area. All the Pilates exercise, dieting and regular exercise did not help me at all. I was very frustrated. My husband was told of a treatment offered by Dr. Lu which consists of a stomach cleansing and acupuncture and I decide to try it. Needless to say, that after my first visit, I felt energized, slept better and my skin looked radiant. Now I eat less and I am more active. And of course, I now have a flatter abdomen.

One thing I did not mention to Dr. Lu was that I had been suffering for over 10 years of a skin condition on the sole of my feet known as psoriasis. I visited a couple of dermatologist in Mexico and they told me that there was no treatment for this condition; therefore it hurts so much. The open skin that is very common with this skin condition kept me from enjoying the pool with my family during the summer. Not to mention, things that everyone takes for granted like wearing open toe shoes or just being barefooted. After my second visit, I noticed that the excess dryness on my soles started to disappear. Now, I am psoriasis free. I am enjoying my new freedom.

Thank you Dr. Lu for your wonderful treatment.




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